Monday, August 11, 2014

Wafer paper love!!! this is a total infatuation

Wafer paper is the new trend!!! yes, absolutely !!! If you are a cake decorator you know it already and maybe you already bought some sheets but not so sure how to use it or you are still afraid to use it. Well, that exactly happened to me last year: I got the paper but I was way too lost to start using it, there weren't any tutorials or real information about how to use it properly. 
Hopefully, some great sugar artists, decided to give it a try, experiment on it , with it and after trial and error, some great tutorials are out there!!! 

I decided to get Craftsy Class "Delicate Wafer paper cakes" with Stevi Auble  ,and I totally loove it !!! From there and having the basic knowledge, the imagination will take you to many endless possibilities!!! I am feeling great making these flowers and introducing wafer paper to my new cakes,  I have also found great inspiration and a huge willing of try new things on my cakes, I feel "Ferocious" about getting edgy designs, yes I feel I can make them !!! GRRRREAT!!! (Roar) 


Some of my latest cakes using Wafer paper class from Craftsy

Get inspired!!! Have fun playing with sugar !!! <3


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