Have you heard about CRAFTSY?

It is an amazing online place where you can learn soooo many new stuff: from cooking, quilting, decoration, sewing... and of course Cake Decorating!!!!
You can open your account, sign up for free classes and enjoy the best classes with the best instructors; what makes Craftsy so amazing ? you can watch your classes anytime, on your time, ask questions directly to instructors and learn all those secrets you always wanted to know 

I feel blessed to be part of this amazing place called Craftsy and my new class is just right here!!! 

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What I love about this class, is that you can learn how to make amazing eye catching toppers that are a wonderful complement on your cake.On this class you will learn the basic and most important part of how to make the figurines, and the best part will be that you will start creating your own toppers, we start from easy one to a more complicated and challenging one. If you always wanted to learn a fondant figurine, this is the class you will enjoy the most   

You can Also Find my Classes in CREATIVIU

We have 6 wonderful classes that we will be adding in the upcoming months, we worked in different levels of techniques from really easy to make to toppers that are a bit of challenging but still easy to follow.  You can sign in for a free trial and you can cancel anytime, get the access here