Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So this is the beggining!!

Please don't be so hard on me this time, it is actually my first time ever blogging!!! and what a better occasion to show one of my first cakes. OMG!!! It looks terrible!! but I must say my fondant work doesn't look that bad at all, but how I hate that edge!!! This terrrible picture was taken around 2009 after I took my first class with Wilton at my local Michael's. After those clases (even that I had a "not- so- nice" trainer) I was completely hooked!!

I am now  welcoming myself to the online world. I must admit I have being avoided long time. But after opening my Facebook fan page, and my Pinterest and my Instagram and restart posting at Cake Central under my previous pseudonymous lanana and opening a new account  at; I mean seriously I should start blogging a little bit, it is actually what everybody does lately: stick to your fans in Facebook, share retouched pics on instagram (I love the 1977 effect), repinned every single silly, nice, cute, dumb, impossible or amazing  idea on Pinterest, well posting a Blog was the very next thing for me.

Part of what I love to do is to teach; I used to be ESL teacher, French Teacher and always a Spanish teacher.  Well, now I still love to teach, but everything sugar: CAKES, Cookies, Cupcakes etc. My ultimate dream will be teaching what I know about sugar craft. I still need to learn way too much, but since I already know the basic, definitely would love to pass the knowledge.
So this takes me to Second 2013 resolution  (first is as usual: loose weight)
BECOME A SUGAR CRAFT TEACHER, that also can include become a Wilton instructor.

I have prepared some nice Tutorial which are now posted in my Facebook page and also in Cake Central
and of course I will post them here,  along with my experiences trying new sugar art techniques or any cake that get stuck between my eyebrows and can't stop thinking about it until I give it a try and prove myself I can make it!!!

So stick around for some nice experiences making nice cakes, or cookies or cupcakes or any nice cute sugar trendy thing that start being viral and we all fall for it!!!

It is also good for me to know that after 3 years making cakes for friends and family, now I can see better results: this is like 99% sweat 1% creativity, here is my latest cake



  1. I can relate to your story!! I am anxious to follow your blog and I can see how much you have grown since your first cake!! I cant wait to see and learn from your site!!!

  2. yeap Cynthia we get better cakes day by day, fortunately!!! it is tons of hard work, but sooner or later (we all want it sooner) our cakes will make us proud !!!

  3. Very nice. Get it to the masses. I found your cakes fun and inspiring. I look forward to the how too s of your cakes and the techniques you have learned that I may not have tried. Keep them coming to your blog by sharing new postings on your fan page. This showed up in my news feed and voila here I am. One of my goals for 2013 is to blog more. An online personal blog I started over 2 years ago myself. Don't let life get in the way as I have keeping you from sharing with us. Anxious to read more.

  4. Love your work! Seen your fb page and I'm so happy you've decided to start blogging :)

    1. Thank you!!! I finally had the courage to start it!!

  5. I so love your tutorials and so helpful.Bunch of thanks!!!
    Take care ;)

    PS. I love your profile...i can relate myself with your two boys...i got twin boys toddler and they love wrestling each other too...they are manageable at this stage...hopefully i could when they grow up...that's why I always feed them with love and so they can love each other, hug, kiss,and share with their toys..

    1. Mine: hate to share, never kiss each other, and if they hug one is running from the other while the other one is pretending to be a zombie huger!!! They are boys!!! I am the only girl at home so they are the sweetest boys ever, at least with me!!! I enjoy all of that every day!!!! that is awesome and we have so much fun !!! yes is craziness but the good one!!! thank you for stopping by and enjoy my blog!!!