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"Oops! I've got my foot smooshed in the Cupcake" How to make a Little Penguin Standing on one Foot

I adore Pier One Stores!! Every time I have the chance and the Change to get something from their super cute, trendy and adorable pieces, you can find me there!!! So I was watching TV and my eyes laid on this super cute piece (they also talk, at least on TV, They always tell you "Take me Hoooooome") of this rounded Penguin standing on its foot inside this Tiny Cupcake and he says (yes, they talk) "I've got my foot smooshed in the Cupcake" so adorable, so cute, soooo... IT CAN ALSO BE A CAKE!!!! Eureka!!!

Not only It is adorable, it is all cake and it actually stays on its foot!!! no magical tricks, no super expensive stands, no shaping styrofoam, nothing weird to do and still can get this little one standing on one foot.  
This cake can be done at any scale, it will be a matter of changing the cake pan sizes. I am using Wilton ball pan for the penguin and part of the cupcake ,this pan  is 6" but wanted cupcake to look smaller than the penguin. For this cake I am using 3 round cakes, sizes: 6",5" and 4"  and also 3 half circles using Wilton ball cake pan.

Torte and fill  all round cakes placing larger on bottom, then 5" and on top  the 4" one.Trim cakes using a knife (it works better if cake is  slightly frozen) you should obtain an upside down cone. Remember when trimming or carving any cake, do it little by little so you can have better control of final design. once is all trimmed and still upside down, Ganache your cake (I also buttercrem it, but you can just ganache it). Select your fondant color, measure your cake and roll the fondant. Wet your cake and place fondant all around the cake (still upside down). Trimm excess and smooth fondant .Turn your cone and  Make fondant stripes and start covering from  the seams so you can hide it with the decoration. make sure stripes are straight using your ruler.

Place Extra details on the cake using your cutters. Place extra half ball cake on top of your cone  so this will be actually your cupcake. Cover in buttercream ( it does not need to be perfectly smooth) and decorate with buttercream rosettes using tip #32 or any star tip you find.

Put the ball cake together, using the filling you wish. I use all ganache for this cake. I use a long piece of acetate (I cut a long one from a toy box) This acetate piece will help you to easily smooth ganache or buttercream on a ball cake.

Before placing the board under ball cake, make sure to open a hole. I used a 4" foam core board. Place the cake on board, roll the fondant and start smoothing. This might take around 10', but you will be able to smooth it perfectly

Cut penguin details using the templates. Remember to always smooth edges, take your time to clean and make sure your work will look clean and neat. We are creating some effect on the cake, that the penguin is trying to keep its balance. We just need to slitly rotate the white detail (from the face and tummy) make the beak and the eyes and also rotate them a little bit so we can create this effect. Personalize it by Placing more details you like: hat, bow, cherry, rose cheeks, etc

Here is the template for tummy and arms

Cut the Foot and stick it to wooden dowel using melted chocolate. Place the leg inside  penguin

Now it is time to put both pieces together. It might be a little bit scare, and you might think: "this is not going to hold", but it will. Make sure to use good wooden dowel, not balsa, I get mine at any hardware store or craft store. Dowel should measure 3" higher than your cupcake. My cupcake was 7" So I drilled a hole where I marked 10", this was a  3/4" wooden dowel  and I also crossed  a thinner dowel (used for corn in the cob, from any grocery story) Remember to drill a smaller hole than your thinner dowel, you need some resistance. Sharp the end you will insert inside cupcake. Hot glue cupcake to your decorated foam board and hammer the dowel inside cupcake. Your dowel might be too long and needs to be cut, now,  from the crossed smaller dowel,  measure 4", that will go inside Penguin, make a mark on the wood and cut ( I use a PVC cutter). Place Penguin on the wooden dowel making sure to balance its weight. If you feel it is not secure or somehow afraid it falls, then hot glue penguin board to traverse dowel.

This idea can be used for many other projects, where you can get the illusion the cake  is in balance.
I Hope you like this tutorial and will be able to make it; Please leave your comments and suggestions. Pictures are still not so great and of course I am also in the process of learning how to make better tutorials: lights, pics, colors etc.

Sugar Hugs, Joly

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