Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some Cupcake Toppers for Valentine's Day

Woow I 've being absent for a little while and I felt I was missing sooo much posting some silly words here. I am always busy, not like I am a workaholic, but I can't keep my mind away form creating something or planning to create something. I look for Ideas everywhere: you can find me a any Target taking pics of baby clothes, gift paper, invitations, bedding sets and everything that catches my eye and can be transform into a cake or cookie or both!!!

I have found several amazing ideas on scrapbooking paper, I collect any paper and sometimes I need to keep myself from buying too much paper (I don't even do scrapbooking anymore!!... but I should there are so many cute pics in my drawer!!).   SO I found these hearts that I looved so much especially because their color combination is so dramatic!!! and I thought these could work as cupcake toppers and they certainly did. I took some (NOT SO ) nice ok pics to help you, my sugar lovers, to visualize (if you are like me: "First I see , then I get it") how to make these lovely ones. I took pics from  only 5 of them, just to give you an idea and them... well YOUR imagination will be the limit, right?

 Here are all finished and lovely, I really love the color combination, and I must add I never thought this combination would work, but it certainly did!!!

This is more like a pictorial with Pictures,  dah! :)  and I am just letting know what did I use and also showing the cutters I actually used, but (and this part is important) work with what ever you have with you, if you need to buy too many things is because probably you have nothing at all to start working on your sugar projects, but I am pretty sure that if this is not your first time, you must have some cutters in hand.
You will find the materials under each picture.

Materials: circle cutter, hearts cutters,  stencil. black Royal Icing, texture for embossing (I used a piece of plastic I found at our local Home Depot it is used for covering ceiling lamps), tip #2 or #3 from wilton, flower cutter.

Materials: Medium  heart cutter (2" or 3"), gel colors in red, green, White (americolor works really good), small paint brushes, black fondant.

Materials : Heart cutters (different sizes) Fondant extruder gun, texture for embossing

Eyelets cutters (you can also use different tips and use them as eyelets cutters ) hearts cutters, little bow or any other embellishment, large circle cutter, large flower cutter, white paint

Heart Cutter, Edible frosting sheet with any desired design, Fondant Extruder Gun

I hope you had liked this idea and that you expend your Valentine's day along with the person you love the most in this world, the one that makes you happy and makes you shine!!! 

Big Sugar Hugs, Joly <3


  1. Really beautiful!! Congratulations for your creations and blog!

    I'll be back to see you, see you soon, byee! :)