Monday, September 30, 2013

Sofia The First Cake

Last Month I was asked to make a Sofia The first Cake, and I was about to die!!! I've being waiting for this to happen long time ago. I also appreciate my friend Aliya for all her trust in making this, trying different techniques and staying away from ruffles and crowns when I designed this cake. 

It turned out bigger and heavier than I had expected but trying something new also means some hours of try and error . At the end I felt really pleased using the wafer paper I bought several months ago (and I was afraid to used it) along with the paper die cut pouch I got from Michael's store (a little tricky to use I must add) 

I also tried the bi dimensional technique, that normally should be used on the top of the cake because it turns really heavy; and on this cake just the part of the hair on Sofia, turned out really heavy and tricky to secure on cake. BTW, I must add that the hardest part to make on figurines is the mouth, lips and mouth expression, I redid it 3 times!!!! 

This cake is a 8"x3"all butter cream  on bigger tier and 7"x8" ganache and fondant on topper tier using the DOUBLE BARREL technique that you can learn HERE

Thank you so much for checking on my blog!!! I love to see you here 

xoxo, Joly 


  1. I LOVE THIS! you did a fantastic job ;-) If I may ask, is the scroll work from a mold? I have those Wilton ones but are just little scrolls and not as intricate as this big one.
    Do you have or will you be posting a tutorial or similar for a 3D character like this one?
    Thank you for inspiring us with such beautiful ideas!

    1. Hi Patricia, yes is from a series of molds I bought long time ago, and finally I had the chance to use them. IDK what is the name company, but I am sure Caljava has a few

  2. do you have an email where I can ask you some questions about cakes?