Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Witches are the new Zombies

The second best time of the year is almost here, and I am more excited than mi own kids, LOL. The basically love the candies: get them, sort them, eat them and get sick of them!!! but I love all decor, grown up parties, all the crafting, visit our local Haunted House and watch all those great spooky movies I love to watch every single year!!! Yes, I am sooo Ready for Halloween !!!!

Witches will be the new trendy, oooh yes!!! forget about those nasty zombies who lack of any glamour and are so not fashionable!!! With the coming  new season of American Horror Story  this October 9th a new  chapter of beautiful, sexy, wicked and terrible witches will be on all TV's this October!!! wooohooo (I am dying here to watch it) 

Since Witches are cuter, smarter and trendier than Zombies, I decided to play around a little bit with my left over fondant , try new techniques and new ways to keep these cake toppers  from falling apart and the most important part:  finding the best way to mail them everywhere. 


I will be making toppers, cake sets that includes name plaque, number, topper and extra decor everything ready for your cake: you put the cake and I make the hard and  tedious sugar work 

If you are interested in ordering any sugar topper and cake set please email me at


  1. Geee so cute cupcakes in here! I was browsing for more Halloween recipes like Cakes , Halloween Cupcakes and more food ideas. Thanks for sharing and I do hope I could pin some nice photos on my Pinterest boards. Good day!

    1. How did you make that fondant witch? I want to try that!