Saturday, January 18, 2014

Browning and Pink camo Cake

 Hey My dear loovelies, I've been sooo hectic busy !!! this holidays were really funny and busy for me and my family. I am sooo glad is finally over, I was about to collapse !!! LOL I' m  getting my energy refilled until next Holidays!!! 

Here is my first official cake of the year, and I am loving it !!! I was asked to make a browning theme baby shower cake and i must say i got too scared about it: This is no easy theme !!! specially if you want to make it look pretty and cute. Browning is about hunting, arms, shooting sports etc and i must admit I am not really into. It is pretty scared for a cake designer when someone ask us to make  a cake that is not so much of our interest: I know many of you out there have felt like this once in a while. 

I did a loooong research about this theme and how to make it look cuter: well, it;s a baby shower cake !!! should be as cute as a bottom !!! LOL . I found some inspiration on scrapbooking paper and on cowgirl stuffs. Next most important thing was on my side: I was given free decisions on the final look of the cake as long had Camo and Browning in it!!! awesome !!! thanks to all those customers that trust our work!! Well this cake is for a gooood friend of mine, so she has no other option that agree on my final design, LOL !!!!!!

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Big Hugs and Kisses, JOLY .

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