Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tutorial: Cute Cupid Cake Topper

;I am so glad to be back to my creative stage after a good break. My brain really needed to rest and spend more time with the kids. So after a refreshing break, I have started to work on new projects and cute things that I enjoy making for my family and friends. My work is starting to limit to our growing family celebrations; BTW I have awesome news to share with you all:  I am about to become aunty one more time because soon our baby boy and baby girl twins are about to join our big family.  YEEEEEEYYYY!!! ( I loooove babies)

Since my heart is full of joy and love, I took a little break to share with you this cutie cupid that can look lovely on any pink cake you make for Valentine's Day. Hope you like it!!

Let's Start :


I start using a 2" or 1 1/2" styrofoam ball, this will let you set the topper really fast with out having to wait for the head to dry, Remember to add support to your toppers, otherwise, they can collapse. Cover the ball bringing the fondant, about 60 to 70 grams, up with your hands so you can completely cover the ball. Now it is time to shape it and smooth it. The head is not completely round, you will need to use your hands to shape it and also add some pressure to push the bottom part (chin) so you can get some cute cheeks. Use your finger to press  on front of the face where you will add the eyes ( you can check my previous tutorial about this step)


I use my piping tips to get tiny circles that I can use as the eyes, cheeks and eyelashes. I roll the fondant a bit thick, like when you are covering your cake, maybe 1/4 "


Because you get circles using the piping tips, use your finger to reshape the circles you cut, ewe need ovals so just add a bit  pressure and reshape them. Because the pieces are so small, and my hands so big, I use the tip of my knife cutter. You can add a big smile now

    Keep using those piping tips to get details done on the eyes and rosy cheeks

Cut a circle large enough to cover all the back of the head so it can look like the hair, Cut a another circle and with the same cutter, get a sort of comet tail piece that you will add in the front. Make lines  that can look like hair. Add the ears.


Roll a thick  piece of fondant to get the piggy tails, You can add some little hearts to add extra detail

 Use about 40 to 50 grams of pink modeling paste, make a cone and pass a long thick wooden dowel through the cone.


 Roll the legs and arms  about 15 grams for the legs and about 6 grams for each arm,  Roll a little piece of fondant to add the shoes.


Finally add the legs and arms and cut a circle and cut in half for the little wings. I added a little wire for the arrow.   Hope you enjoy this cutie and that you enjoy Valentine's day and that you give it a try, this is a easy cake topper and a great way to start modeling cute cake toppers


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