Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tutorial: Anna From Frozen Cameo Style

For Anna, we  will make exactly as on Elsa's tutorial  , but we have to change the colors and hair style.i also add a little smile on Anna since she looks sweeter than her  Cold sister.
This Cameo Style figurines are meant to be place on the front of the cake tier. It should be dry and hard before adding it to your cake. I work ahead of time always, so any decoration is ready even a week previous to event. I use round styrofoams on the sizes of the cakes I am making, so I can basically add all decoration to the dummy and I make sure it fits perfectly on the cake once is ready. 

Cut an oval (I use graduated one), once cut mark with a smaller one where your figurine will fit in. You need some space to add the scrolls to decorate the cameo. Once is cut, place it on the dummy so it can dry on the same size as your cake will be

 Make a ball not bigger than 1 ", flatten it a bit, use your finger to mark the space that separates forehead and cheeks. Use a small ball tool to mark the eyes 

Make sure the head fits inside the marked Oval. Use black fondant for the eyes.Add a tiny little ball for the nose.  I use a #000 brush for the eyelashes and yes I put it upside down so it is easier to make the eyelashes look curvier. Add the eyebrows. Three white dots for adding some shine. A little pink powder for the cheeks and a heart shaped mouth with a red marker. Set aside and wait until is dry. 

Once you add the head, you should add the body, arms and robe. For the robe just fold and add the half circles as collar 

For the hair Make the sides of the hair as 2 little sausages thinned on the sides and mark them as you did on Elsa's Tutorial. Make 4 cones and also mark the hair lines and add the braid. 
(I am sorry I missed some pics on this stage) 

Super easy and fast to make!!! hope you also like the Elsa tutorial you can find here


  1. Thanks so much for the tutorials! Super cute, and look easy enough that even I might be able to do them (maybe LOL).

  2. It looks like there is blue around the did you do that?