Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to : Fondant Groom figurine Topper

I hope you all enjoy this cute sweet and handsome groom. Nothing too complicated and tools are really easy to find or must of the time we already have a few. My idea is to bring you a cute figurine topper that is easy and fast to make. Sometimes we are not willing to expend hours and hours on a cake topper, specially if we are working on a cake with a tight budget, but we still want to present something that looks cute and appealing.  No complicated nose, or hours modeling lips, this is entirely to spend less than one hour. Enjoy. 

Use a Styrofoam ball of about 1” diameter, to cover it; use a piece of fondant that is one size and half the size of the Styrofoam ball. Push your fingers inside fondant ball and add a bit of shortening. Put the Styro ball inside fondant and start covering the entire ball 


Cover the entire ball and press the excess with a clean scissors, cut and smooth the ball as much as possible. 

Using your finger, mark the space where the eyes should be place, then with a small ball tool, press the distance between the eyes. Use edible glue to attach the eyes: you can either use two small black edible pearls or two small fondant spheres.  

Mark the mouth; I use a #12 round tip. Add the Nose, Press a small ball tool to mark the mouth corners and add some color for the cheeks and using a thin brush, paint the eyebrows. 

Cut a circle, large enoough to cover the head, you can even strech it out if necessary. Mark the side of the hair and use any tool that can texture the hair; in this case I used a small wire brush, other possible tool can be a wired sponge.

Add the ears on the side of the head and on the eyes level. For the pants, roll a piece of fondant of about 5” long and a finger size of thickness. Fold it in the middle and create the pants. They can be thinner and longer, but you need to make sure there is balance between head size and body size.

I use a thick skewer, they are short but thicker, these are meant for corn in the cob or you can also use a Chinese chopstick; but always make sure it is strong enough to support the body and head. Shirt part is thick piece of white fondant. Finally cut a fondant rectangle to cover the back of tuxedo. 

Cut the front piece making sure it covers the front and the side of the entire tuxedo. Add extra details, like buttons, collar, and tie bow.

For the shoes, use two circles and press on one side, add them to the legs. Finally add the arms and the hands.

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  1. Hermoso. Gracias por el paso a paso

  2. Hi, Joly
    Thank you for the tutorial!
    What fondant do you use for your figurines? I have heard that there is a fondant available in Italy that is great for faces. Are you familiar with that?

  3. Wow, so cool. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Greetz, Cheryl