Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tutorial: Peppa Pig and Family

The good weather will soon start to come back, warmer days, longer day light and that means more fun to go out and have fun with the family. Thinking about the kids and my hubby and a sunny weekend, means always going to the park and have a large picnic, with yummy things and cake and chicken and sweets and and and !!! OMG I am definitely ready for the spring time even if that means dealing with seasonal allergies.
And Because I am thinking on my family, the sunshine and the picnic, I decided to make this cute family that my little niece adores  with  a strange devotion, LOL She actually helped me with the sandwich and the little ants dots.  So here is how to make them, so you can have them for your next celebration.

Let's Start:


Let's start with Daddy pig. He is the tallest and biggest of all so will be using more sugar paste (50/50 fondant gumpaste) I used a styrfoam ball of about 1/5" diameter.  Fondant must be a bit on the teal side, not exactly blue, I used about 70 to 80 grams and covered the styro ball with the fondant (if you are not sure how to, please check my previous posts)
His shape is more on the round shape.


Do exactly the same with mama pig, this time use about 40 to 50 grams of paste. This time the shape is more like a cone, she is wearing a dress, You should use both hands to tapper the top part and at the same time. press down to flat the bottom part of it.


Cut the excess on the top and smooth the sides so you end up with a 2 1/2" tall dress.


For Sister Peppa Pig you will need about 30 to 40 grams of red paste. Because she is not so big, you do not need any extra ball inside, just the paste, Remember that is if to much on the soft side, you should add CMC or Tylose. Do not work on a paste that is so soft that can't hold its shape. Start with a ball shape, and as you did with mamma pig, press down so you can have a flat bottom that look like a dress, but keep in mind that her shape is more rounded on top than mamma pig.


Take a look at how shapes should look like to get Peppa. She is about 1 1/2" tall

This is brother pig shape. He is blue and about 1"


Let all the bodies dry a bit while we work on the heads. Papa Pig's head is big, about 90 to 100 gram, so we will also need extra support, take in consideration that adding the styro ball, will allow you to use less paste and achieve a larger size with out having such a heavy piece. Other great thing about doing it this way, is that you can actually set the piece right away and put the head on top of body without feeling afraid of collapsing the whole piece. Use the same size styrofoam ball for the head and bring all the wrinkles to the top,


Press and shape the piece bringing up the part that will be the nose, Use your index to model the part where the mouth should be. On the picture, the head is on its side


Cut the excess and smooth the piece. Use your fingers to mark the part where we will add the lips and the eyes.


You will end up with this shape, make sure to really push to shape the part where you will add the eyes and lips.  Make the little holes for the nose. Do the same with mamma pig but make sure to use less paste, about 70 grams paste.


For the kids you will no need any support, so use a piece of paste and start doing the same you did before on a smaller scale. If you have doubts about the proportions, check the head you are making with each body.


Same shape for each head, but adjust the amount of paste in comparison with the size of each character.


Legs are made using half toothpick for each leg. For papa pig legs are longer for a larger body Roll the toothpick with your index finger so the fondant get attach to it.  Use small scissors to add the legs to the body. My fingers are bulky so it is really hard to hold in my finger such a small piece


Arms are little pieces of paste, Papa Pig's arms are bigger and so on with the rest of the family


The dinosaur toy, is about 15 grams. Shape it as a teardrop.  Mark the part where the head will be


Cut the mouth with small scissors. These ones are used for embroidery.


Cut the scales on the back, add little limbs and glue it to the brother pig's body


Use round piping tips 10 and 12 for cutting little circles for the eyes and rosy cheeks. I play with the sizes by rolling the paste thinner or thicker and pressing the paste down to obtain a larger circle, Papa Pig's eyes and cheeks are obviously larger than the rest of the family

I know Creepy right ??? 

Use the edible ink markers to add the eyes and big smiles 

Roll some black paste to add papa's glasses. You can use the fondant extruder  or just roll the piece next to a wooden skewer so you can get a perfect rope 

We work some extra on the picnic scenery and you can do the same or adapt the family to your came theme. Have fun and include your kids so they can help you, my niece looove them and actually decided to keep them to play with them.  How cute is that!! 

Happy hand Modeling for all of you !!!!

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