Monday, March 4, 2013

Ruffles Ruffles And More Ruffles!!! tutorial: how to make fondant ruffles

Hi My Dear cake friends!!! I' ve been a little bit absent, yes I know!!! but It is hard to come every week: with the kids, the house, the husband and the tons of extra things we need to do every week!!! That is without including my CAKES!!! and all the work they imply: from start to figure out the design and the elements, then  the details, plus the baking, the construction and everything else!!! 

It is my real pleasure to come and write to you and show you a little bit of things I have figured out by observing, or listening or looking deeply!! yes, I look deeply the cakes I like: some of them are easy to figure out, some others are just impossible (depending on the cake artist). 
One element that is absolutely trendy this season are the romantic RUFFLES!!! yesssss!!! they are so feminine!!! so romantic, they remind me the Flamenco Dresses!!! ole!!!! beautiful for any occasion: weddings gowns , quinceaneras, sweet 16 or even little girls dresses !!! Ruffles are trendy and since cakes need to be trendy too, nothing better than reproducing any type of Ruffles using our best friend: Mr. Fondant!!!


 Here is a tuturial I made last year and that still can be found in my Facebook page and you can also step there and while there... ujum, plizzzzz click LIKE!!! :)

What you need: pizza cutter, rolling pin, ruler, paint brush, edible glue, tylose or CMC, pasta machine, toothpicks, cornstarch.

Add tylose to fondant, or you can also work half fondant/half gumpaste.

Color look somehow the same

I divided the sugar paste. The one on top remains as is.
Second one is mixed 50/50 with white gumpaste or fondant w/ tylose. Next one is around 25/75 the last one is all white. You can always make more colors degradation  if you wish and also depending on how high is your cake

 Let's start with the darkest color. We need to start with a small sausage.

 Even if you are using a pasta machine, you need to flatten your paste. So let's use our rolling pin for a bit

This thickness is fine to stat using your pasta machine

Set your pasta machine in 1.  You ALWAYS start from number 1 and progressively go up.
Every time you roll your pasta, it turns longer and longer and thinner and thinner. It can be a little bit complicated to deal with fondant in one hand and rolling hadler on the other one, but you can do it!! I did!

Cut your sugar paste using a ruler and the pizza cutter

 his is your second Best friend when making Ruffles: toothpicks

Simply roll the toothpick and Voila!! Ruffles magically appear !!
If starts sticking to surface, use the same toothpick to release it from surface

With your paint brush, put some edible glue on flat area in your ruffle
Now start attaching it to your cake. Once I start attaching, I fold the ruffle every now and then.

Place some toothpicks under ruffle so it can hold its shape 
(I know, I know mine here looks like Pinhead)
I keep doing the same with the rest of the colors I am using. I am just decorating a little portion of this dummy. If you are covering a whole entire cake, you need to work every row at a time.
Don't worry about the holes left by toothpicks, the will not be seen!!

 Lovely!! isn't it??

I loove How this one came out, Using different colors instead of only one color and in up side down  position. how cute!!!!  

Close up 

Or how about on this Vintage look wedding cake ?? Bottom tier is fake so I was able to make it ahead of time to later be focused on the rest of the cake. This was the perfect touch for this beautiful cake!!! 

I hope this tutorial helps you to visualize any doubt about how to make this lovely ruffles so trendy and fashionable  this season and some more !!! 

Cakey Love, Joly


  1. Beautiful work! Does the fondant harden and get brittle. I'm curious with the vintage cake, did you have difficulty moving it? I'm at a loss as to how you'd transport that one without disturbing the ruffles.

    Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

    1. As on Gumpaste, sugar paste, fondant etc piece you make, this needs to be handle with care. But most of my cakes are placed on a larger board. Any sugar piece you transport, should be handle with lots of care. :))

  2. fantastic tutorial, thanks a lot!
    Laura- Un'altra fetta di torta

    1. thank you !! I m glad you like it

  3. This is great! Thank you for sharing! By any chance do you have a tutorial on your belly cake with the pleated top?


  4. Acabo de ver tu blog.
    Me gusta mucho lo que haces¡!
    yo también hago cosas como tu ,aunque no con tanta experiencia.
    Desde pinterest vi esta tarta con volantes.......(y me llamó la atención).yo también he hecho algunas así.
    bueno un saludo desde Sevilla (España)
    cuando puedas entra en mi blog me gustaría que nos hicieramos amigas

    1. muchas gracias por los comentarios y el carino.!!! lindiiisimo lo que haces

  5. Wow so beautiful, you have demystified ruffles for me. You make it look so easy. I don't own a pasta machine. Do I roll the foundant till its very thin?

  6. Hi , how long do I leave tge toothpicks in for?

  7. Are the top two white ruffles full circles with ruffled edges or strips of ruffles like the green ones? Lovely work!

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  9. Anynoe please i have to cover up my dummy cake with fondant before the ruffle thing, or can i start the ruffle work on my dummy cake right away? Thank you so much.