Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Easy Cookie Decoration: Chocolate-Fondant-Buttercream Recipe

Hello to all my  sugar friends, for this new post I need to make a statement: "My respects to all of those amazing and incredible cookie artist out there!!!"  those that leave their hands, fingers, wrists and knuckles on every cookie they make. Unfortunately I am far from being one, starting from my baking most of my cookies spread a bit and honestly I don't want to reduce that butter or increase the flour for the sake of the shape; and I am still having trouble understanding what means 10 sec icing or 20 sec or stiff or how much liquid to add to get a medium consistency. So if you are like me and still need mere time to figure out the science behind the cookies, stick with me and follow my recipe to get a nice, yummy easy paste I use to decorate my cookies. It tastes great, it holds it shape, I can bag them, I can decorate them in one day, I can add texture, flowers and so much and still get a pretty decent cookie.  

Here is the recipe: 

  • 24 oz white almond bark, or white candy coating or white candy wafers
  • 3 tbs light corn syrup 
  • 1 cup ready made buttercream or  one day old  homemade buttercream 
  • 1 teaspoon clear flavor 
  • cornstarch to knead (  no powder sugar substitute )
  • 100 grs Fondant (optional)

Melt chocolate in intervals of 20/25 secs, stir and do it again, until almost all cubes or wafers are melted ( the bigger the pieces the longer it takes to melt) set aside so it can cool down a bit. 

I use  Duncan Hines, you can use any brand just make sure is just the regular one and not the Whipped version. You can also use few days old homemade buttercream, now add the corn syrup and  flavoring of your choice and mix. 


Now you can add the melted chocolate, it is perfect to let it cool a bit before adding, this will avoid the fat separate from chocolate. Mix add some cornstarch and knead just a few minutes, You don't want to over knead and put more heat on your paste. Cover in plastic paper and let cool in the fridge for at least 30 min,


Once you take it out of the fridge, it should be ready to color it. Remember that this is in part chocolate so if you are in really warm weather, it can be too stick or hard to hand cut, in that situation, you should combine with fondant. You also need to work in a cool area and if your hands are too warm, you will need to put it back again in the fridge for a few minutes. You can also have some ice inside a ziploc bag  next to you, so you can cool down your hands. 


I added a lot of different textures on these cookies I made for my son's classroom. I wanted to give them a little summer joy.  I got this lovely recipe through a friend, and I also found it in CC, that is a great place to find so many amazing recipes.  


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